How did you decide to become an escort? Is this something you enjoy doing?


I started escorting when I was still a student in college. I have always been open-minded and comfortable with my sexuality, so I decided to give it a try. I loved it, and here I am :) Being an escort provides me with the opportunity to meet new and interesting people and to have fun.


What does a great date look like for you? What do you enjoy doing?


First of all I like talking and getting to know the other person. I just like enjoying myself in a nice atmosphere, perhaps have a glass of wine and discuss various subjects. I am not in a rush and I like tenderness, kisses and caresses... I love giving and receiving pleasure. I've never been a machine :) Savouring the moment is important to me.


Are you only available for outcalls? Where should we meet?


I am only available for hotel outcalls. If this is the first time we meet, we should meet in the hotel lobby and then go up together. If we decided to have dinner first we could meet at the restaurant. If we already know each other and you have an apartment, I could also come and visit you there.


Which are your hygiene standards? Any specific guidelines?


Cleanliness is very important.You will always find me very clean and wearing good perfume. Having a shower before our meeting is probably something I shouldn't have to mention :) I have no problem with body hair.


What type of people do you meet? Are there any restrictions?


If you are a true gentleman, I will never refuse to see you. On the contrary, I will be happy to meet you again. Your age, size or nationality are not determining factors. What matters to me is that we enjoy our time together.


How would you like your gift to be given?


Please give me my gift at the beginning of our meeting in an unsealed envelope.


Do you ever meet couples?


Yes, sometimes I also meet couples and it's something I enjoy as well. I am attracted to women and I enjoy giving pleasure to both partners. My experiences with couples have been very pleasurable so far, so if you are a couple, feel free to contact me.


Are you real?


Yes. All my photos are real and so is the info provided on this website. I have created it myself. What you see is what you get.


Can I count on your discretion?


Absolutely. I will never call your or text you, unless it is right before our meeting and we need to communicate. If you are worried about people seeing us meeting, first of all you should know I always dress like a lady. My style is elegant and I never wear vulgar outfits. If you wish, I can also dress very casual or business like. Second of all, we can be very discreet when we meet. Describe what you look like and what you will be wearing and when I see you I will know it's you.